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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Youth Group Three Day Trip

Trip #1:

A youth group from a church in Odessa is planning a 3-day trip to San Antonio for their annual summer retreat. There are 42 teenagers and 8 adult chaperones that need transportation, so they decide to book a charter bus rental for the trip. The total roundtrip distance from Odessa to San Antonio is 940 miles. They rent a 56-passenger charter bus for 3 days to comfortably fit their group. The total quote for their Odessa charter bus rental comes out to $5,200. This covers pickup in Odessa, roundtrip mileage to San Antonio and back, and standard amenities like WiFi, power outlets, and restroom. It comes out to about $110 per person for their transportation, which they consider very reasonable for a fun summer getaway. The youth pastor tips their professional Odessa charter bus team 10% at the end of the trip for providing excellent service, bringing their total trip cost to $5,720.

Team Traveling a Weekend Tournament

Trip #2:

A local youth basketball team in Odessa is traveling to Dallas for a weekend tournament. The team has 12 players plus coaches, for a total of 15 passengers. They decide to rent a minibus from us for the trip, which takes about 5 hours each way. We provide a quote for a 20 passenger minibus rental for two days to cover the round trip. The total quote comes to $2,620, which covers 300 miles roundtrip at $1.35 per mile plus $100 for each day they have the minibus. This works out to around $216 per person for their transportation needs. The minibus rental includes onboard entertainment like TVs and WiFi to keep the team occupied during the drive. The coach tips the team 10% at the end of the trip for exceptional service, adding $162 to the total cost. Renting a minibus from us provides the team with safe, reliable transportation for their tournament.

Friends Planned a Bachelorette Party

Trip #3:

A group of college friends planned a bachelorette party in downtown Odessa. They booked one of our party buses for a fun night on the town bar hopping. Our 22 passenger party bus picked them up at 8pm and safely transported the group around to different clubs and restaurants until 2am. The total cost for their Odessa party bus rental was $1400.

Company Needed Transportation for a Corporate Team

Trip #4:

A local company in Odessa needed transportation for a corporate team building retreat. They wanted to take their 25 employees on a scenic tour of parks and museums in the area. We provided a mini coach charter bus for their group to travel together in comfort. The bus picked them up at their office and drove them around for a full 8 hour day of sightseeing. We customized an itinerary to hit all the spots they wanted to visit. For the 25 person group, the total cost of their Odessa charter bus rental was $2100.

Basketball Team Booked Charter Buses

Trip #5:

A basketball team from Odessa booked one of our charter buses to take them to an out of town tournament 2 hours away. They needed a 56 passenger charter bus with onboard restroom for the long ride. We picked up the team and coaches early in the morning and drove them to their destination. After the tournament we brought them back home late that night. The total price for this roundtrip charter with restroom was $1680.

Instant Prices via Text & Email Available - Click Here